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Kapalika IRC Channel

EDIT: defunct, go to the top menu to just go to our discord. we got D&D even

IRC stands for “Internet Relay Chat”. Our IRC Channel is #Kapalika on the Dalnet network.

If you have issues with the embeded IRC client below, try the Kiwi page first.

QwebIRC, full page webclient (http, minimal feature set)

Kiwi Client, full page webclient (https, fuller feature set)

If you like IRC, you should consider getting either desktop client or Android client as this will provide you with more customization and ability to save a lot of settings including autologin to networks and channels. For desktop clients, I’d recommend Hexchat, and Yet Another Android IRC Client for android.

Registering your nickname with is optional. Information below.

No need to register your nickname with but I’d recommend it since dalnet is a fairly large network and people wanting the same name sometimes happens. In cases where your nickname is unregistered and someone is trying to impersonate you, we can compare hostmasks if we suspect anything.

Command to register your nickname is is “/nickserv register password email” (without quotes)

Then you get a confirm email you need to confirm within 3 days to keep the nick reserved for you only. If you don’t confirm within 3 days, it becomes unregistered again and you gotta redo it.

When you come here, you can enter your password on the webclient, OR after you log into the server you can type the command “/nickserv identify password” (without quotes) OR put your password in the appropriate field in your IRC client.

Then you’re logged in with your reserved nickname.