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Theory of Aspects Part 1

So, I think this has been a while incoming. I’ve touched on my Theory of Aspects in a very broad way before. Part of the problem about discussing this topic is that it’s very nuanced and layered and not exactly something lending itself well to concise explanation.

The Theory was actually one of my earliest works, starting before I was even a Satanist but evolving not just into a fully fledged Satanic system but also part of what helped me bridge into Shaivism via the tattva system. Hell it even crosses over with Trika’s view of the physical as foundational.

Okay so what is it?

Alright, so let’s jump right int this. Essentially the Theory of Aspects is a way to map the components of the Soul as well as an explanation of how these components interact with other things. In other ways the Theory also addresses smaller cosoms of archetypes in one’s self but that’s deserving it’s own article.

I do admit I really hate how cliche the inverted pentagram can be for Satanism and everyone overusing the symbol. I make no illusion of my creativity here. People have used the pentacle to map anything from elements to the human limbs. So at least I got some precedence.

The Actual Soul, Guys

This, is a map of the human soul (and maybe a sign I need a graphics artist). I don’t want to get bogged down in the nuances, that’s for part 2. For now we just need to contend with what this really means in the most basic ways. Don’t mind the alternate names, I tend to alternate depending on which facet of the aspect I am discussing.

I started with the assumption that since our minds are super complex, and that our emotions are simpler, and our instincts even more basic that there must be a progression going on. It’s a pretty safe assumption since the idea is more or less based on what we know about evolution.

Things with only simple drives (such as to eat) started to have more refined instincts so they survived better, then they became self aware and able to feel pain and pleasure not just physically but emotionally and so avoided harmful things and sought out things that increased our survive-ability. Highly intelligent creatures all evolved out of emotional creatures that tended to have complex social structures. And we know that, well obviously that life started from some kind of non-living chemical makeup. We don’t know how or why but life wasn’t there then it was. And all life is made up of the same stuff that non living stuff is.

You get the general idea. It wasn’t’ then too much of a leap to put the spirit as coming out of the complexity of the mind, and the system was born.

A Little more, maybe?

So the human soul consists of five parts. Non-human souls usually number from the first 2 to 4 aspects and that can really be debated. I mean hell I really debate how truly developed our Spiritual aspect is at times.

But it’s more than just increasing complexity. Each Aspect is dependent on the former that births it as a primary “anchor” they then have secondary “anchors” that also influence it or that it influences. They also influence their anchor. At the point of a human soul I’d be here most of the day talking about how the mind and emotions can affect the body and vice versa. A few short examples, you can focus and think down your heart rate, stress can hurt your health and bad health can make you act irrational or affect your drive.

Weirdness about the Spiritual

Interestingly there is no anchor from the spiritual to the physical. They are divided and yet connected. The Self is pretty much the only anchor the Spiritual aspect has to the Physical. Unfortunately people often think of the spirit and body as two totally separate things but they really aren’t, they are just indirectly connected. In a future part of this series I can get into what develops after the Spiritual ect and how that relates to the physical.

I actually think of the Spiritual perhaps not as an aspect in of itself which is why maybe it’s state of development is questionable. It could be in a way of meta, “greater than the sum of all parts” type of thing. Meaning that it’s dependent on all aspects of the Soul equally.

Funny enough people also think you can be very spiritually healthy when your otherwise not well. This is utter bullshit, basically. It’s something that wasn’t intuitive to me for ages but someone once kindly convinced me and explained how and I realized it worked so well with my system, and they didn’t even know about it!

So we know if your body isn’t well then your cranky or whatever, or if you don’t eat your mind isn’t as sharp. If the spirit comes out of higher thought or whatever, it’s gonna be affected too. Emotions can wreck spiritual health by making us do things bad for us, whatever. Basically you gotta have your health in order or you’re gonna have a bad time spiritually.

Sure, there are cases where you can’t really help some health problem but you can still optimize your situation which is the point. With some support from the other aspects, the Spiritual can be strengthened and bring up the overall levels of the Soul. Or maybe those aspects bring up the others enough that the Spiritual health reaches a threshold. In any case, it comes out to the same result.

Closing Words

I think, this might be a decent introduction to the concept of it. There’s a lot more and honestly I want some time to think about what part to dive into next. There are elements, deities and other things associated with the aspects as well as the importance of the secondary anchors. This isn’t a topic easy for me to really talk about without it becoming complicated. So I wanted to address it in parts. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments.

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