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Tamas Poem #3

[This is a little more prose like in structure, intentional]

I don’t belong anywhere. I am wanderer of ground and spirit. I appear, they love, they hate. I disappear in a mist of Ash. Do I even exist? I burn all that I touch. I lost claw and horns, but I still feed. Consume, fire, blood, consume.

I put down lines but they don’t go away. Kill, kill them all they say. Demon heritage doesn’t take care of it. Haunted by my past I see the shape of the future half the same. Torment by being alone, so they are always there. I have to stay away.

You never know me. I am a collection of perceptions. Complicated isn’t true, it’s fact. I never was an angel nor your devil. I am not right, I am a slave to myself.

I gotta keep away. You will hate me too, but you already did. I charm, I enamor unwillingly with magic; I am a carnivore feasting on humans. I didn’t choose this, stuck in flesh. I once was free, now caged. Something inside of me, killed, killed.

I should go away.

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