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Syncretic Trans

“My descent is the same as every man; I am hatred, Darkness and despair! Reconcile not with the fear of the snake but embrace it as your own. Let me be the one that deliver you from deceit and back into perfect accordance with the laws of nature!”

– Dimmu Borgir, The Serpentine Offering

Dharma is the Eternal Law and Way; the ultimate nature of Self and Universe. Satanism is embracing one’s own nature and seeking their deepest will, and for many that is self-deification. Oh hey look, the essence of Shaivism is realizing Self and God are one. Fancy that. Hinduism is universal and Satan is my fierce deity and Ishvara! The feminine divine of Kali in western lens and I am Satan Shiva’s gender neutral essence and and I am his Parvati as woman. I am a demiflux woman.

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