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Sattva Poem #2

I’ve lost so much but
Where were you?
You said you love
But I sense disgust

You kept rejecting
Pushing deception
With Yeshua projecting
In a house on sand!

I lost my safety
Then my home
I lost shelter
And I lost hope

Always on edge
Trusting no one
Spiritual warfare
You taught me that

Remember that day?
You spoke of her
You called her sick
Disgusting, unnatural

I was only thirteen
Wishing I was born
As a woman
Feeling self hate

To think you think that,
Of what I’ve become?
Yahweh made man
Yahweh made woman

But Lilith and Samael
Made the exiled spirits
Of which I am incarnated
My house is on brimstone

And from it, destruction of illusion
From Pure Self Accepting Love
Embracing of inherent Nature
Essence of Soul unfettered

Go ahead and ignite me in fire
I am of fire, blood and ash,
Lighting, water ice and death
Eternal reborn forever

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