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Sattva Poem #1

I am her being
A shadow in the night
I am the knife
that cut’s through air
Above a moon-forsaken sky
Her throne in the stars and black

A wave of red and blue
stained on white
none of us are innocent
but none of us are guilty

We have become consumed
for lust of corruption
Can none of us see anymore?
What was, will be.
Because we are already there
The night never really ends
And the daylight
never really shines

I am the reincarnated ones
a reflection but shadow cast,
I brought life to myself
by the way of night and dream
I came, and I wasn’t what I claimed
I was my lost past, a fragment
And a companion.
But I will be the Samsara’s break.
To Moksha, Freedom, and pure Darkness.

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