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Recommended Essential Music #1

This… was a very hard list to make and has taken me weeks of consideration. Inline with my compulsion to make lists fit my numerology I’ve curated nine exquisite tracks that fits my tastes and gives an idea for what kind of music influences me or even just what kind of music I listen to and enjoy.

I tried to make an alternate list on Spotify, but they lack a couple of the tracks I wanted on here. So for now I’ll have to settle on a Youtube playlist which will be be above the breakdown about why I choose these tracks.


The ordering of the playlist is meant to start with a Sattvic track to bring us to a high point of light, like having Om in front of a mantra. Once our spiritual base is brought to a neutral state from this it will gradually introduce Rajas and Tamas elements and mix in darkness, like starting with a blank canvas.

The Actual Playlist

My Mystical Synopsis

Shiv Tandev Stotram by Varash Dwivedi (2017)

Does this need explanation? It’s an ancient hymn to Mahadeva! Written by an Asura no less! There are a lot of renditions of this track I appreciate, but this one in particular sticks with me. I’m not familiar with her work, but Dwivedi’s performance is amazing the production is top notch.

I try to get the spirit of things like this in my music and you can often hear Indian drums in my music and lyrical content that praises Shiva and my other deities.

Satanic Radio by Mood Deluxe (2009)

Mood Deluxe effectively invented psychedelic breakbeats with the Satanic Radio EP. I wanted to introduce Goa and psychedelic trance by first showing one of the more rhythmically diverse styles. I love that it defies the stereotypical 4 on the floor mentality and the syncopated style has been an influence on my percussion although I do my syncopation with kicks just as often as with hats and snares.

It also has some amazing acid in that album and has the word “Satanic” in it, what’s not to love? We are already seeing some darkness on our canvas here.

Teleportation by Man With No Name (2000)

Oh Martin, oh Martin. You changed my life. I choose this track as it’s probably the most popular one by him and perfectly shows the mysterious, dark vibes of oldschool Goa Trance in it’s golden age although this is right at the end of that time period. My favorite album by him was for the longest time his 1996 Moment of Truth.

This artist is what seriously introduced me to psychedelic and electronic as my “place”. My song structure is very much like oldschool psytrance as is my use of delay and typically my basslines and acid littered throughout and it’s in large part due to artists like this.

At The Edge of Time by S.U.N. Project (1997)

What to say! In many ways this has been one of the most defining features of my music, even this track alone might define a lot of my influence. Mini hoovers, guitars and SO MUCH ACID! Rock and Psy! Just… just yes this is in my top 5 tracks of all time of any genre!

Everything about it has influenced my work… it’s easier to say what it hasn’t influenced than what it has, such as my percussion and style of writing melodies.

Flesh to Lacerate by Hocico (2010)

Electro-Industiral, Aggrotech, Industrial Trance, cybergoth, whatever you want to call it. A big force on how I write melodies and a lot of my sound design aesthetics. Hocico is probably one of my favorites but it was actually Asphyxia that got me into this style.

I choose this track as it’s a good example of the genre, one of my favorites and you can hear some of my influences such as in the melody, the use of choirs and the processing of vocals. Pay particular attention to how the layered melodies seem to “sway” by the way the highest notes hit at different accents. I’ve also mixed dissonance and consonance in similar ways although more so in intervals and harmony than in sound design although I’ve done that as well.

I’m Worse than You by Mind Shredder (2015)

When I first heard this, I almost had an orgasm. In so many ways it was a lot of what I want to do. The guitar and metal, the ACID freaking acid! The industrial and trance elements. Full vocals that are more metal like. So many. So many synths! I’m really influenced by this type of sound in that it’s integration of metal and electronic is spot on and gives me a point of reference for what works. It’s also just a killer track.

The Infernal Names by SickTanick (2014)

I’ve loved pretty much all of SickTanic’s work at different points. He blends rap with electronic and metal into occult and Satanist themes. He himself was a huge metalhead before getting into Horrorcore and what he would later style as Occult Rap. He started out around 2004 or so and continues to make music. Like a fine wine, SickTanick has matured with age and I’ve enjoyed his more recent work as it comes off as very theological as opposed to the more angry early work that relied more on shock. Last I checked he’s a Thelemite and is actually a member of the O.T.O. He used to be a Satanist in his earlier days.

I’ve taken cues from hiphop in my syncopated percussion and more lately in my unreleased tracks had success in putting some vocals in my tracks. He has mostly influenced me in terms of being a rapper that has actual occult and Left Hand Path beliefs put in his music. Even in his early days in between shock there was real ideals and praise.

This track is a bit of a mix of that later more mature style and his earlier shock. The shock in it is much lighter and I feel the adoration in it. His Duplexity release which this is on is probably my favorite of his work so far.

O Father O Satan O Sun! by Behemoth (2014)

I think a lot of black metal, actually truly Satanist bands are kinda crazy. Akercocke is actually my favorite, actually Satanist metal band but I can’t say they have influenced me. Now that I think of it, I’m not a huge fan of Behemoth in particular but I do love black metal. That evil, devotional feeling and this illustrates that more so than most black metal for me and so this track is really close to me.

In this sense, I’m influenced by this type of song in spirit, in theme, in feeling. Not so much musically. I feel Satan in it… I feel… Satan is in me. It’s slower tempos though, do kind of remind me of the vibes I get in some of my choirs and half times although it doesn’t feel as slow and so a bit’ more frantic and of course with eastern vibes due to my scales.

Devedevam by Rotting Christ (2016)

This is something I relatively recently found when looking for Hindu metal. I thought it would be perfect to start on Shiva, and end on Shiva. It isn’t a style I’m particularly influenced by in a strictly musical sense but it’s something that makes me feel the essence of Shiva’s fierce aspects such as Bhairava.

Before I say anything else I want to note that Rotting Christ is actually just a Greek extreme metal band and this topic isn’t representative of their work. It does remind me though of the black metal bands who had songs about Kali ect. Like those as well the lyrics are not traditional but written by the band. However Devedevam was written in Hindi which is a distinct difference. The video has influenced some of my art decisions which I want to come out on my first full release particularly after finding out that a lot of Indian and Hindu metal bands do use faux Sanskrit font. It’s a track I really love though. Metal and Shiva… what’s not to love?

Closing words

Well, I hope you enjoy the tracks. I have great respect for these artists and the work they’ve done. It took me weeks to settle on just these 9 tracks but I think it’s about as well rounded as I can be with just 9 tracks. There are some styles and artists I either adore or who influenced me but could’t fit on this list. If anyone is interested I could actually put together the extended list of almost 100 artists whenever I can figure out which tracks of theirs are the best choices.

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