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Rajas Poem #3

I want to assault
All that is decent
All that is beauty
To make perversion

To display perfect grace
To create synonymous
Dissonance and distaste
Merging with consonance

Through insanity
A burning Fire
A trance-cendent
Dance of death

The worship of all
That is dark and vile
The giver of life
For It births fertile

My Lord, gods and Lady
Key holders of my sanity
Fostering my crazy
As I fight my humanity

My soul swept in waters
Hell is my home now
And this grace is Fire

Nothing is left
I am His tool
Erotic servitude

I only serve Satan
So I corrupt
I take his blessings
I’ll remain unstopped

To paint the world
In Ashes gray
And create beauty
In the pith of Hell

I only serve…

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