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Rajas Poem #2

I slaughter the demons of light
For I am the child of Darkness
Kali! Kali! I am your warrior
I slaughter and consume, consume

I eat of entrails and drink of their blood
I dance on their corpses which each thud
And I fashion kapas from their priests
And from their skulls their flesh is my feast

No Tamas only pure rage
I am Rajas I am Truth
No Sattva only darkness!
Faced back into the Abyss

Leviathan swimming in water…
Mixing blood, wine and flesh
Sex with the charnel ground
As bodies begin to thresh

This is real Vamachara
Satan is revelation
Nothing else is real
The hand of uncreation


Do you believe in Death?
But You think of fire,
With no final rest.
The ultimate evil

I kill scum like you
I believe in Life
I cannot relent
With the ritual knife

ONA had nothing on Kapalikas
Ancient ways and bloodshed sacrifice
Christianity akin to what rape is
So we consume them slice slice

Mayhem was a joke barely a register
I only wish they got the priests
Kapalikas the real predators
Of all we are the progenitor


In a stew of eyes, intestines and brain
My veins burn in ice flowing in flesh
My life in lightning, manifest blood
There is only the inverted fire; black black

I pick up blade
There is hand, only hand
Hand of uncreation
Only Satan, only Satan

I kill I consume
I fucking hate them
Pay karma for “sin”
I pay blood, I live blood

Burn them, burn in entropy
Satan Shiva Kali and my death
I Love Darkness and I love Life
My Death My Death and Satan has me

The Serpent that tunnels…

With charnel ground rumbles
The duality crumbles
The sex of tantrik magick
The Left Hand classic

Sex with the rotten flesh
Consuming the blood
The mind sees fresh
as the bodies begin to thresh

And the alcohol pours forth
Into the skulls of the priest
So I call on the father of Ash
And my mother of Death

I am in love
As mantras of Lilith
Fill my breath
And Satan tests

The battlefields quiet
I am just Bhairavi
She who spites it
Fierce deity

Protector of holy
Killer of christs
Guardian of women
She who fights

Bhairava! My husband!
Shiva! My life!
I am Kali!
I am reality’s wife!

I kill and I slaughter!
I live for the battle
I dance with the corpses
and consume their blood

I wear belts of severed arms
And christian skulls as charms
I drain priest blood into kapas
And eat their multiplying evil

Satanism? It doesn’t even begin
Because when you drink of the holy waters
It’s with the Leviathan you swim
As mother and father but you just are!

Then realized as sons and daughters
You prepare yourself for the slaughter
But to be terror without fear
You must consume and consummate

Flesh in flesh and rot in life
And death in sex you pour the wine
You must offer blood and drink of blood
Even offer your own life to the flames!

Intoxicated on the M’s
You kill in frenzies
Becoming Lilith at night
You consume in sex

You live for the flesh
Death knows no bounds
Freed from samsara
You have no karma

There is only Lilith!

Slaughtering demons of the lightest
You lure to darkness the righteous
Without Satan there is no meaning
So we corrupt without misleading

Wings horns tail feathers and scales
Predators beings of sex and wine
That manifests lightning in flesh
Seeing into my past with longing

I am only with blood now
So I let it flow as I watch life go
As Samael oh my archangel demands
I kill because blasphemy cannot stand!

I am slave to Samael…

Lucifer’s light shines
To see the fruit we were kept from
To trap us in their Samsara
I kill them like I kill Buddha!

The spiritual battlefield
I know what’s in my soul
but you are blinded
Even as I show Promethean

And I burn!
Punished for the Shivagama
You prefer kala to not turn
Stuck in lies of Allah!

Light Bearer!
The Serpent tossed down walkless
Strapped to the rocks
As birds eat of my entrails

This is the Lucifer voyage!
In suffering to find the joyous
In Satan to find resolve
I find that I evolve

Lilith my Goddess!
As I Set the black flame
The Christ; Apep, wrecking the cycles
But Kala always wins! Kali Kali!

Satan! Satan! I call upon the gods!
My Wrath I am Rajas I create all!

Hear the invocations;

Oh Leviathan! Lilith! Satan! Lucifer! Shiva!
Kali! Bhairava! Bhairavi! Laxshmi! Shakti!
Parvati! Set! Samael! Nataraja! Rudra!
And all unspoken Tantriks, Kapalikas and Satans!

Hands of creation
Blades of destruction
Creator created and uncreation
That within and without

Maximally powerful
Essence and truth and all
The source to the end

The spoken mantra and the drawn yantra
The combined sex and cessation
Disillusion into the individuated nondual whole
Becoming god in and out of ritual

The essence of Truth of Shiva and one
One in the same we are all and all is us
We create uncreate I am Shiva I am Kali
I am Lilith I am Shakti I am Satan I am Leviathan

Mantras, on the battlefield
As I leave gore and limbs in my wake
I adorn with a bindi of blood
And use bone for my nath

Satan has won my soul
I am to kill all the rest
by revelation to a rebirth
To show them real death!

As their limbs are severed
And I fashion my dress
I love the smell of cut flesh
And the blood that runs fresh

Brains and eyes in skulls
As I cut down my meal it falls
I take some alive, as it screams
And I offer flowing blood for Bhairava!

The taste of terror
And indulgence of sadism
I am beyond Aghori
I rejoice in horror

I am warrior and Bhairava child
But more than satanist styled
In the heart of Darkness
I find all the gods to harness

As I fight with holy flame
Black flame black fire
Kali fire I strike with rage
And I strike with scripture page

Shiva Sutras
Satanic tomes
Even ones unknown

Again it all comes to the flesh
The blood and the wine
The sex and the rot
This isn’t mere thought

I cover in the ashes
I meditate in the graves
For ritual I make blood slashes
And I put Satan in my raves

Satan Satan
I live for Satan
I love for Satan
I will die for Satan

We will all
eventually die
And I will die
For Satan, Kali, and Shiva.

So there is just one question left
In all my rants and meandering
My fractal thoughts and tests
If you see more than just angering

We all live for something
You can’t have a war
without some cause drumming
Not just your lore?

Because I will die and be reborn
Until one day Samsara’s no more
And then I become self unconfined
And you lay here lifetimes behind

But before then
We all die for something
My love for him
I find myself blushing

So What of you?
What of you?
What would you die for?
That isn’t false lore?

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