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Raja Poem #5 (EDM Tantric Dancing)

This poem is about my music and how I spiritually feel when listening to electro-industrial, various psytrance/goa genres and black metal all of which heavily influence my music.

All comes from Darkness
All returns to Darkness
Like Shiva’s Trident,
or Satan’s pitchfork?

Three Gods Three Laws
Three Gunas and
Three musical genres
To Free Aham

thirty-six to nine
three-six, six-six-six
Satan’s TRI-tone;
Don human ash

And From Ash to Ash
I immolate myself as Sati
Singing to Death of Self
For I am Woman

The She born from
Baphomet and
The Lilith breed
A new life to lead

In a dance NataRani
Was always it and
Let’s call her Kali
Self reborn is six-six-six

Divide by six, one-one-one
Triad take the 3 Gunas
Supreme Self is Fate

So turned volume to eleven
Master magician number
I am EDM dancing vamachara
Badgirl gaygirl mystic

So hear me and open to
My Magic Musical Mantra
My auditory Sex Ritual
This is your inner NataRaja

So just fuck me but
Music is better than sex
And my sex is Tantric
With Blood and Flesh

Letting blood for Kali!
Aham pulses life
Through limbs in dance
And in this sacrifice

Celebrate your Death!

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