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Pocket Guide to Jacinda’s Beliefs

This has kind of taken a lot of effort with days and weeks in between drafts, since I had to convey a ton of information with simplicity that most anyone could understand. This is about the best I could do for a “short” and novice level. I plan to later make intermediate and advanced versions.

Nine Articles of Faith (Novice Level)

1. Everything flows from the essence of Satan, which is polarized into Shiva and Shakti. These three forces respectively animate the guṇas (thread, quality) of Rajas, Sattva and Tamas which make up the Universe.

2. The guṇas give rise to the cosmic elements of Darkness and Light, which in turn birth the four primary elements of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Blood of which also create the secondary and tertiary elements.

3. Through natural processes life emerges. All of this life has a feedback loop between the inner world and outer world, but only some of life that attains self awareness seeks awareness of its fundamental nature in Satan.

4. Each living organism has a soul that consists of semi-discrete “Aspects” that develop in layers of awareness. Human souls have 5 aspects: Physical, Drive, Self, Mental and Spiritual.

5. Most souls are trapped in ignorance, and tend to fall into the cycle of death and rebirth. Some souls may escape reincarnation to exist as spirits and may experience one of many different fates.

6. When a creature dies, its soul may break apart, their aspects becoming “wisps”. Some may survive as unconscious ghosts, become self aware spirits, or even gods. Wisps may also come from elemental energies directly, as do many elementals, spirits and deities.

7. Beings may engage in lesser or greater magic. Lesser magic is the focused intent of symbolism and action to affect the world through normal means. Greater magic is the focused intent of symbolism and spiritual ability to affect the world through preternatural means.

8. Magical abilities can help a being to become more aware of it’s fundamental nature, but misuse of it can trap one in ignorance if misused. Misuse one of many ways that souls and spirits attach debt to themselves, called karma.

9. Karma should be shed, but good karmic debt is better than bad karmic debt. Acting appropriately for the wrong reason is still better than doing wrong, but if one acts not for the reward for proper action, then one can become increasingly free of both karma and ignorance.

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