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Notes on conservative Christian populations

This is a very rough, ugly set of notes I had written when trying to find some real numbers to back some rough estimate of how many Christians worldwide were socially conservative.

evangelicals worldwide: 600 million

91.76 million in US
51.33 in Brazil out of 175.8 million christians meaning 29.2% slightly higher than US

27.3% of Christians WORLDWIDE are Evangelical,
compared to the 28.9% of the US population

(meaning that the US population is only marginally more evangelical than other christian majority regions and NOT the highest percentage of evangelicals)

I often hear that America is it’s own “breed” I think this is because Europe considers america on the scale of one of their tiny countries. I think if you were to take europe as a whole, yo uwould find that it’s spread is similar and likewise like the us centered in certain regions.

There are 36.7% protestants in the world, 11.9% orthodox and 1.3% other.

Meaning that only 9.4% of protestants are NOT evangelicals.

Catholics make up 50.1% of Christians, so if we say it’s hit or miss but let’s ignore them for now.

IF you know anything about eastern orthodox it’s really close minded to LGBt people, very much so. so we can add them onto the evangelicals to get about 39.2% of christians that are close minded. wow! that’s almost 2 out of every 5 and we hav’t even figured out how many of teh catholics fit into this! but hey im “exagerating!”

I would argue that Europe is the odd one out:

“Evangelical Christianity is flourishing in Europe. France has witnessed an eight-fold increase in Evangelical Christians during the past half century, from roughly 50,000 to 400,000. Those numbers are small in absolute terms. Evangelicals represent less than two-percent of the European population.”

EUrope has a population of 743.1 million, with 76.2% being Christian of which Catholics were 48% and Orthodox being 32% (mostly in eastern europe).

So there is a bias for western european countries, without really any orthodox presence. I mean, 76.2% are Christains in all of Europe… but only 51% in the EU (in 2010) even believed in a god, any god!

The British census has only 60% of Brits being Christians

Onto africa: 147 million are “renewalists” aka pentacostals and charisamtics, forms of evangelicals. I can’t seem to find any broader numbers for general evengelicals. or any numbers for asia.

“In Australia, fundamentalist Christianity is the base for Fred Nile and his Christian Democratic Party as well as the Family First Party. Nile in 1967–68 was Assistant Director of the Billy Graham Crusade in Sydney. Both parties promote social conservatism, opposing gay rights and abortion.[172]”

Aussie land wtf

“In the Philippines, due to Spanish colonization, and the introduction of the Catholic Church, religious conservatism has a strong influence on national policies.[174]”

seems there is also a “christian democracy” thing

I found that the philpiines is 93% christian but no breakdown other than that 81% are catholic and 11% protestant. its number #1 in asia

holy shit islam and christanity are growing in india while hinduism is in decline

Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population

Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population

Philippines still top Christian country in Asia, 5th in world

other topic idea: christanity bad, as sa force for destruction of cultures historically and today in africa. remember that culture where women propose to men… read years ago

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