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Is God in the Rain?

I’ve not really done much the last couple of days. Today I woke up, ate a little bit and kind of messed around until opening a music program and messing around seeing what I could do with odd time signatures. This lead me to Googling to see what others have done and then Youtube.

Now, after listening to some relevant examples of 3/4 in electronic dance music, particularly Infected Mushroom and Savant collaborating that have the lyrics:

“You know God is in the rain 
How else can you explain 
How it takes away the pain?”

I then remembered hearing the same phrase “God is in the Rain” in an electro-industrial song and found it, Suicide Commando’s God is in the Rain. I’m sure the song has other origins but I didn’t bother to look it up.

Seeing God in Godlessness

I’m kinda weird and so I out loud responded to the song using audio taken from a movie saying “godless” in the beginning with “But I got Satan”. Soon my head started putting to the melody when there wasn’t vocals with my own thoughts “Satan’s in me, isn’t that a god?” and some variations there of. I know, kinda weird, since the song is about god not existing, but hey.

This prompted me to pull back up my DAW (music program) and start writing a melody that fitted with this inspired by theirs… of course my rhythm and pitches being my own with some half time 4 on the floor.

I decided it would go well with something I’ve been working on complete with the lyrics I came up with. Then after that I went back to listening to more music. This is actually something I do a lot,  penning down ideas that come to me in between songs or putting my own thoughts to melodies. Almost always this is something very religious or spiritual to me.

However today it kept bothering me… the lyrics, something I had read in the comments. I just had to kind of maul over it a bit more and introspect on it. I wasn’t happy to keep doing my normal routine when it comes to this habit. I had to stop and really dig into what it was.

The rare Intelligent Youtube comment!

I  feel like music is a gateway to mysticism very often. Even with Suicide Commando’s song I mentioned above this is so. As one commenter on the video put it:

“I find it interesting that lyrics aside, the title of the song is a reference to the film version of V Is For Vendetta” … “They’re on the rooftop, in the rain. She’s naked. She comes to a sense of gnosis or apotheosis and murmurs, “God is in the rain” …”This quote is not in the original graphic novel by Alan Moore, but the message of Evie losing her dependence on outside influences and finding strength within herself – essentially declaring herself to be her own truth and her own god” … “one of the points made in V Is For Vendetta is that religion is used by the state to keep the people oppressed.”

Now, I’m sure there are a lot more meanings in the film, (I’ve never actually seen it truth be told) but the point I’m trying to make, in a way, I kind of feel that intent. The song goes on:

“God’s written
Words of lies
God’s given
A world of lies
Blind, crippled and diseased
Death is coming over me

God is real
Believe me
God is real
Release me
God is real
Abuse me
God watches over me

If God is in the rain
Please let it rain on me
If God is in the rain
Please let him down on me”

Now, this comes back to my own little thing I worked on earlier. I really do relate to what Suicide Commando’s lyrics. I just don’t really agree so much. Yes, religion is often used to oppress people not just by “the state” as the commenter put it, but by society in general.

God as Oppression, God as Liberation

Right now Christians are relentlessly using their religion to oppress people in my own backyard (another source here) by using slurs during the city council (funny the newspapers left that out) or even straight up lying.

So I get the anger, I was there years ago, and maybe a part of me still is, but I never became “godless”. As she said… “God is in the Rain”. God is everywhere. God can be used to oppress or to liberate. I just happened to understand God as Satan, as it is that which opposes oppressive forms of Christianity and Islam and acts as a Promethean, empowering force.

Of course, later I discovered Hinduism but by then I was already pretty learned on the Left Hand Path and couldn’t get off of it, even though I tried exploring orthodox Hindu religions for a while. If I like it or not, Satanism is where I belong. And I don’t think it’s just to oppose Christianity and Islam, but that is an element.

In a society where neither of those two religions are used to oppress people… Satanism to me wouldn’t be about liberation anymore, but about maintaining liberty through acting as a vanguard against evil, more in line with the ancient Hebrew understanding. A force for good, to keep away “sin”, and to encourage perseverance in steadfastness and dedication.

So, maybe not to Suicide Commando there isn’t God in the rain… but there is to me, it’s just that that God is Satan (and Shiva, Kali ect). I think what I know of that scene, she saw it too, in herself. The commenter pointed out that she became “her own god” described curiously as a gnosis which I found pretty insightful given the mystical implications.

God in ourselves

I kind of feel like both the songs really touch on this subject. One rejects it, seeing the bad of religion, and one accepts the good.

I don’t think we need to buy into lies or supernaturalism to have God. But it will defy a typical western, monotheistic understanding to do that. Trika itself accepts this God in us, in everything view. We are God, as well as God being all around us. It’s nondual pantheism taken to an extreme. When one truly realizes that, all falsehoods and illusions melt away and you see reality for what it really is.

The first song is, to me, saying there is a painlessness that accompanies realizing that God “Is in the rain“. It’s a kind of communion with nature, and the realization at least in some small part of non-duality. At least to me. Traditionally in Hinduism a lack of suffering is said to accompany Moksha (liberation), so that’s the lense I see it through.

Is that reality godless? Yes and no, as I said, it defies any sense most of us living in “the west” would understand it, and in Hinduism opinions differ. In my view it’s little more than semantics. It is what it is, and gods are used to get there even if they themselves are not real.

So when I hear those songs, I feel God, even in the form of Satan in both of them. The latter I feel the negative but turn it into something positive. I personally don’t have any value in being totally godless. If I did, I would probably be a Buddhist instead of Hindu.

Closing Words

Well that’s about it really. I didn’t actually expect that to get as deep as it did. Either way if you got a different view or have any questions or remarks feel free to leave a comment. How do you feel about it… do you feel God in the rain?


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