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Hastily made intro to my “Theory of Aspects”

Chart(s) at the bottom of the post!

This post, is essentially a short introduction made at the request of a friend made at the last minute (so forgive poor quality!). While I’m posting, I’ll make mention that I’ve not forgotten about this blog. It’s just been hard to justify posting when I plan to move off of (more freedom and ability to use my own domain). But as usual life comes up. There’s a backlog of topics I’ve written parts of posts for, so I’m still alive and here.

In any case with that out of the way…

Rising Complexity

The basic concept of my theory is that living beings grow in complexity from physical and gain “aspects”. In Shaivism there is the 36 tattva system, and a lot of what I originally described in my divinationary work as a Satanist was exploring mostly “ashuddha” or impure tattvas. Tattva more or less means quality, so it fits to draw a comparison.

In humans, from the physical grows our instincts and desires. In my earlier work I’d name this second aspect “sexual) as it was the most obvious example. After this, I hold that emotions or some form of lower thinking forms, hence the emotional aspect. After this higher intelligence starts to form making the mental aspect, and from there even more complexity creates spiritual beings.

This isn’t to say that one particular aspect is superior to the others. For example there is a lot the mental mind can do that the spiritual can’t, and vice versa. Rather actually certain aspects interplay with the others to create a lot of the phenomena within ourselves.

Eastern Comparisons

In the tattva systems of Shaivism, tattvas are held to be meditative or introspective tools. A practitioner can increase or decrease them as needed to what suits their practice. Likewise, this is a representation of ourselves as an interconnected series of rising complexities. It’s not trying to describe in a strictly literal sense a cause and effect, although I would say that having a sense of spirituality will require asking questions or looking for a purpose that something only like a mind able to form abstract thoughts would be able to. So “higher” ones are dependent on one another.

The amount of aspects can be increased or decreased or changed depending on the being described. Below are two different labelings of them for humans. The thing labeled is the same, but the specific term used might depend on what facet of the aspect is being discussed.

Example Charts

theory of aspects

theory of aspects2

Some Final Important Notes

It should go without saying that the above is just one example. It’s possible to chart one’s archetypes or soul, or even that of hypothetical beings like gods. The ones above, are just for that of a human in their entirety (as in, I think we are all essentially of these parts). From the body to the “spirit”.

I want to mention, the emotion / heart part is essentially what we think of as our “self” or personality. It’s placed at the bottom as a kind of keystone or central important bit. But more on that in the future.

I didn’t touch on the significance of the semi-circle, or some other nuanced things but this is just a quick and dirty introduction. Expect a fuller explanation in the future of this system.

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