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I am so fucking sick of hearing about Christmas! I hate the day and no I don’t celebrate it! Here’s my Christmas song!

Below I transcribed like half the lyrics, technically the first verse?

Upon the mountain I stand
as I offer my hand
unto the disciples of the watch
willing to make the final stand
against the holy one
the Nazarene
the unborn child
the fucking bastard of a thousand priests
the holiest of pedophilesthe prophecies have come to pass
and in this revelation
i am the prophet
leading children across the nation
in search of the new born jesus
the adversary holy lie
he’s the living dead fetus
and as the stars align
the blasphemer is born
and most innocent children shall be ripped and torn
and from the womb of a whore
shall he be reborn
and from that womb shall his life no longer be mourned
cause after one final breath
the world will burn with eternal flame
and all disciples will be put into the book of dead names
she believe the word disciples the prophecy is here
inside the doctrines shall the Nazarene disappear

so go out as wolves among the sheep
and kill the new born sons until you slay the Nazarene
and in the Left Hand you will stand before the First Power
and at the hour of arrival shall you all cower
you are either with us or against us
there is in between
there is no evil
it’s just what you perceive
so slay the Nazarene
and now and live in peace
my disciples make the path
for the arrival of the beast!”
FUCK THE FALSE GOD AND HIS DAY. Satan is all, Satan is truth!

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