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Bhakti Poem #3

God I love Satan
Satan I love God
Satan is Lord
Satan is Power

Burn down the churches
Kill the priests
From their skulls feast
Be Kali but possessed

Offer Vamachara
Show real sacrifice
Not this fake christ!
My blood and wine

Corrupt the youth
Demons invade souls
Or so we are told
Let me get in line!

I’d murder, stab and rape
Abraham almost sacrificed his son
Do different I couldn’t of done
Anything! For my Lord!

Have Sex with bodies
And even eating feces
If that would appease
Little I wouldn’t give

I live for the devil
So call me demented or evil
But my oaths’ binding legal
I give him all my flesh!

I am living sacrifice
Ignite the black flame
Of nature I have no shame
I am a minion for Truth!

Satan Satan my Revelation
Unleash the Nine Gates
I’ve accepted my fate
Satan Satan my Salvation

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