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An overdue update

Well, basically I’ve not been able to put as much energy into this project lately because I just got a new job and I’ve been focusing on dealing with a lot of financial stuff that was quickly catching up to me. The irony is I was really looking forward into funding this project with better equipment and hiring out some people to help with it but that’s on hold.

I’ve also been having more hardware problems and not had the time to deal with it since I’ve not been home very much lately, I don’t even have internet at my house anymore. Suffice to say everything is kind of a mess at the moment.

But I’ve not forgotten about my blog or the music, particularly the music. I had a request in for my hours to be put to what I actually agreed they normally be when I got hired so I should have some more free time and energy now to work on Kapalika.

I’ve kind of had a rough, self defeating attitude the last year about my work, always thinking it wasn’t good enough and talking myself out of finishing things. But that’s been something I’ve been working on and I think now I’m at a point that my life is stable enough that I’ve mostly gotten over that. Having my finances be stable finally helps too of course.

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