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An Overdue Update Part 2

So uh, those hardware problems weren’t fixed with buying new stuff. No idea what the problem is still. However I just got in an external casing so I can at least get all the files I need off my old hard drives and backup what I hadn’t had before. I had the raw project info (such as MIDI) but none of my samples, recordings or VSTs or other stuff. I should have that back soon.

More Importantly, I don’t know how much energy I’ll be able to put into things while I’m figuring out if I’m going to be able to move to Southern California in three months. Originally I was going to wait until after Winter, but something’s changed and it will cut into some of the money I was going to put into the music, at least temporarily. I’ll have a better idea in a month or so what might happen.

Until then I’m going to do my best to pickĀ  up where I left at the end of Spring. I have a lot of (almost) finished material that should speed things along and still tons of ideas for blog posts I hadn’t touched.

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